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Valkyria Beluga Sholigress Cattery La Maison Du Maine

Tout Savoir Sur Le Maine Coon

M aine C oon's
U n D oux G eant

His character

Chatterie La Maison Du Maine

Calm and playful. A very playful and curious kitten, the Main Coon will keep the same behavior throughout its life. He is also calm and affectionate and adapts very well to apartment living.


But he will appreciate going out into the garden. He is easily educated, gets along very well with other cats and with dogs, if they have been presented young… He likes to play with his master and quickly learns to bring back a ball of paper that has been thrown at him.


He loves hugs and loves to curl up on his master's lap. Rather than meowing, the Hand

Coon coos and he knows how to be heard when he wants something!

C hat - C hien

Its description

Country of Origin: United States

Coat: Medium Hair

Peaceful colossus. Here are the two main characteristics applied to Maine Coon. Its size first: it is the largest of domestic cats. Like many large animals, it grows slowly and does not reach full maturity until around 4 years old. It then weighs between 6 and 8 kg. Some males reach up to 12 or even 14 kg!


Females weigh about 3 pounds less. Like those of the wild cat and the lynx, its ears are terminated by a small tuft of hair called "lynx tips".


The head of the Maine Coon is also very characteristic, it is broad, with rounded contours but prominent cheekbones. Its muzzle is strong and square. It forms like an addition on its face. His eyes are oval, although they often appear round.

Valkyria Beluga Sholigress Cattery La Maison Du Maine
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