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C hattery L a  M aison  D u  M ain

Pet Sitter / Pet Sitter

  • Pet Sitter, Definition

The PetSitter makes home visits to individuals when going on vacation to monitor pets but can also offer accommodation.  

He takes care of them, feeds them, cuddles them and cares for them in the absence of their owners.

  • Information

Two possibilities :

- Babysitting at the Maison Du Maine cattery

- Visits to the Owner's Home

Accepted animals :

- Cats - Rodents - Reptiles - Birds - Fish

Animals Refused:

- Dogs  (All categories)


- Litter & Food at the owner's expense  

- Updated Health Book

- Clipped claws (Free at the vet)  

- Beyond 10 KMS = Kilometric Charges (Ask For A Quote)



Tarifs Chatterie La Maison Du Maine PetSitting

Regarding Customer Home Visits:

The duration of the visit is 45 minutes / 1 hour depending on the services requested

The visit includes:

- Water Change + Bowl / Bowl Cleaning

- Replenishment of Foods

- Cleaning / Uncutting  Litter

- A Little Cleanse

(Broomsticks To Lift The Gravel From The Litter)

- Treats Games + Pâtées

- Caresses & Games With Le Petit Coeur / Les Petits Coeurs

- Taking Pictures / Videos Every Day With Proofs Of Passage & Cleaning Of The Animal

Service + (Free)

- Mail Relay

- Watering Plants

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