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P and S itter / G ardes D ' animals

Passionate & in love with nature & animals.

So I decided to take my CCAD diploma option Felines & IFSA Petsitter training option NAC.

I would be happy to take care of your companion! =)

I would therefore be delighted & delighted to spend time in the company of your animal during your absence. And of course take care of his well-being so that he is in no way stressed. =)


Very fond of animals, their well-being is a priority for me, and I take care of them very seriously.

Namely, you will regularly receive photos / videos of your little companion (every day)

Do not hesitate to send me a message for more information if you wish. =)

* Service Malin: Angelique Animal Guard Marseille 13

Chatterie La Maison Du Maine
Chatterie La Maison Du Maine
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